Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maria Korinthiou

Maria Korinthiou is the well known curvy Greek actress and model with the Mediterranean flair and the expressional black eyes. Maria was born in 1979 in Athens of Greece.
At the age of 18, Maria decided to go to the USA. She went to Boston, where she studied Tv broadcasting-performing for TV. At the same time, she was attending schools for acting and vocal lessons.
Maria's next stop was New York city, where she participated in films and in the year of 2005, she decided to come back to her homeland Greece. She started working at radio stations; first at Radio Greece and then at Radio DeeJay, one of the biggest radio stations in Greece, and also she participated in films and tv series.
Besides the love and drive for her own profession, Maria also has another love, the love of animals. She spends a lot of her time fighting for the ethical treatment and the rights of animals. She is a member of many organizations one being the "Greek Union Of Animal Rights" where she devotes her time to animals and tries to provide them with a better and more secure future.
Currently, the Mediterranean brunette beauty is back and forth between the two countries she calls home, Greece and the U.S.A, where she tries to divide her work between the two.
She is starring in the 2009 movie "Deep End".



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